Lites Little Wonder - International Pre School, Montessori, LKG, UKG

Every child is a
future asset to the nation
"Education Leading to Perfection, Confidence, Fearlessness, High Energy & Total Freedom".


The creativity of every child takes new colors when the paints of confidence are poured over them. And we at Little wonders concentrate on a subconscious drive by painting the confidence of a child through colors of love and care.

We work towards bringing out the beauty of the child as we know each child is unique and wonderful. And by celebrating their uniqueness and driving them towards understanding it we craft the child into a confident, intelligent, comfortable and fearless being.

A confident child who holds a great believe in himself and know his uniqueness automatically switches to fast and self learning mode which is vital for further schooling.

In this journey of adding the colors of confidence we work in harmony with parents. Without their help the brightness of colors may be shadowed.

Our academics and curriculum is blend of love, affection, , feeling fearless great freedom, tremendous expressions identifying self abilities etc. And we dare to say nobody will match our recipes of academics and curriculum.

This short note at a glance will keep you updated of the activities that are designed to make your child learn and perform well. All the activities in our curriculum are based on cognitive, motor skill development, rhythmic movement, psychomotor development, creative development of the child and holistic development of your child.

We train the child on various aspects and, by the end of the session you will be able to see the wondrous nature of your child. Our rich curriculum will help the child in learning and gaining confidence. The curriculum of reciting the rhymes and narrating the story will help in improving the pronunciation of the child. We give great emphasis on listening and speaking skills.

Through our unique curriculum the child will be able to learn: