Lites Little Wonder - International Pre School, Montessori, LKG, UKG

Let your children become fearlessand blossom in total freedom


Little Wonder International provides early-childhood education in a friendly and sociable environment with an emphasis on fun. Our elaborately researched and patented education system helps identify and hone a child's abilities, personality and individuality in his/her formative years. Our Ambassadors - our dedicated teams of teachers provide enjoyable active sessions for the young ones, keeping them fit and focused on their skills, intelligence, emotions, social development and confidence, thus paving the way to an invaluable social and mental platform for your child's future.

'Little Wonder' is a preschool chain from Little Wonder Institute of Triumphant Education Pvt. Ltd. (LITE) and has, in a short span of time, established itself as a leader in preschool education with an innovative child-centric curriculum & environment, content students, satisfied parents and dedicated franchise partners.