Lites Little Wonder - International Pre School, Montessori, LKG, UKG

Every child
is a wonder


Our belief is that the roots of all great minds are laid in their formative years, and if equipped with a culturally appropriate and stimulating environment it will foster the success and growth of every individual. With a dedicated R&D team, we have devised the perfect curriculum that nourishes the roots and expands the wings of our children.

In order to provide joyful sensorial and meaningful experiences appropriate material and equipment is provided to enhance and reinforce the curriculum.

Pre-School: Children have

Physical, Psychological, Intellectual, And Social needs.

Child Development

  • Research has proved that the 50% of a child's adult intelligence and 90% of the brain pattern is developed in first 5 years
  • Introducing pre primary kids to numbers, letters and a variety of social skills which give them a firm advantage in formal school and later in life
  • Montessori school children are ahead of other children by 1.5 in their overall development