Lites Little Wonder - International Pre School, Montessori, LKG, UKG

Every child is a guest
from the unknown


Launched in 2008, Little Wonder is backed by elaborate research and over six decades of experience in the preschool space. Drawing inspiration from Osho and J. Krishna Murthy, we have formulated the best system of learning and development to impart quality education for children below six years and we hope to plant seeds that will flower in due time to make children successful adults.

We at LITE believe in honesty, transparency, moral principles and high ethical standards and have no doubt that 'Little Wonder' will soon become the undisputed leader in the field of early-childhood education in the country. You can be a part of this growth and take pride in pioneering the right education and support for the young buds that will bloom into our country's future.
Quality is the core value on which LITE's Vision is built. We provide a developmentally appropriate, literacy-based curriculum and create & maintain an environment in which children learn through play.