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Every child
is a wonder

Research & Development Team

With a firm belief that creativity blossoms amazingly in unconditional ambience Little wonder, institute of triumphant education, was launched in the year 2008 by our founder CEO Dr.Prabhudeva who is medical Doctor by profession and hails from the family of educationists who have contributed for the field of education continuously for last 60 years.

After thorough research it was realized that every child is blessed with an exclusive skill but, various set boundaries by parents and teachers hinders the child development and he finds himself lost. The research further highlighted the importance raising the child in loving and caring environment. This pushed our team to come out with a new concept of education stating EVERY CHILD IS A WONDER where the child gets hassle-free and boundary less surroundings.
This new concept was taken for thorough research by research and development division of LITE Pvt Ltd and it was understood that infrastructure of a school as well plays a vital role in child development. The team said that school should have infrastructure where the "child should feel at home and love it so much that s(he) should cry to go back home". And now we are the number one infrastructure providers for preschool with remarkable child centric curriculum.

Parents play a great role in bringing out the uniqueness of the child by providing them appreciative environment. So we at Little Wonder truly hold the belief that parents and teachers together can transform the child into a real wonder. A free environment and total liberty can give the child a new vision for a new world.