Lites Little Wonder - International Pre School, Montessori, LKG, UKG

Every child
is a wonder

Support System

We provide a supportive culture to out franchisee and help them in various aspects of business. We provide:

  • Branch design
  • Pre- launch campaign for 3 months
  • Post-Launch Campaign
  • Training
  • Advertising And promotional materials
  • School development information
  • Pre school operation manual
  • Parents brochure and manual
  • Parenting guide

Program materials

Well designed program materials provide a systematic way of dealing with curriculum and give a great look to marketing aspects.
  • Books
  • Curriculum
  • Lesson plan
  • I.T.Support
  • Web Site design hosting and updation
  • Email accounts
  • Digital marketing in local area
  • School Software
  • Bi-monthly digital magazine

Health support

  • Nutrition guide lines
  • Immunization
  • Emergency and First Aid care
  • Health Tips on Web news

Lites Parents Treasure

  • Parenting Articles
  • Formal schools in India
  • Boarding school in India
  • Health Articles
  • Children Tourism centers in India
  • Hospitals
  • Yoga centers etc

NOTE: The above support system varies depending on investment.

Few of them are chargeable and some of them fall under mandatory category for Franchisee. If franchisee does not follow all the instructions given by LITE, then LITE is not responsible for any losses incurred by the franchisee.