Lites Little Wonder - International Pre School, Montessori, LKG, UKG

To be a parent is easy
but parenting is a great art


I saw preschool center pune and I am really delighted to start one center at my place...
I have recommended this school to my wife ....and I see so many activities happening here..great going..
Most valuable preschool structure and so much of blend with different art and life ...I am surprised we need such preschools around the qlobe...Thank you Little wonder
Really I love this preschool so nice and they have made this school as toddlers you LITES LITTLE WONDER
Only organisation who are so promising to make big profits as franchisee and they truly stand by you till you succeed.
I have no words ti express management is so freindly they can get you sky and I am one who has earned big in my life
Only franchisor who will stand by till qe suvced is only Lites Little wondwr ...they have encouraged many women entrepreneur to find path for themselves iin life...Thank yoy Little wonderw
I am excited and my my life has changed to large extent and our confidence has multiplied ....I am confident now that my school life will be superb as franchisee
I miss you little wonder my admin head Mrs Smita Hiremath was so kind and management was awesome ....I would have been great success if I would have been part of Little wonder...I love and miss Lite wonder
Dear freinds I am very frank and honest my life during at lites liteqonder were awesome and I was shy and conservative but little wonder gave confidence and courage to be on my own ....I am always greatful to Little wonder ti be franchisee and enjo
I am German by birth I happen to meet the franchisor who is a doctor and part of the franchise system and after I heard amazing activities and system being followed at preschool was really awesome
I am from Pune ,I am surprised to see as franchisor give so much freedom to franchisee as well as I am extremely delighted about the concern they have towards really compassionate people
I am from Pune ,I am surprised to see as franchisor give so much freedom to franchisee as well as I am extremely delighted about the concern they have towards really compassionate people
I liked the school very much. the environment, food, activities etc are just perfect for toddlers. they enjoy to come school.
My daughter was very reserved kind, after joining LITES LITTLE WONDER SCHOOL she has became very active and expressive.I would say every parent who want to see positive change should opt for this school.It is a proud feeling. Thank you LITTLE WONDER.
It is a great Experience to work with LITES LITTLE WONDER as a teacher.It has given me a new perception for kids. The set up, activities, curriculum, good environment and other facilities for kids have resulted into miracles.
I have visited many school but LITTLE WONDER is really wonderful and good for women to start their own enterprise of preschool . and live independent life.
Amazing school structure , what a curriculumI am surprised how meticulously designed and very good environment for toddlers.
My Little son has become physically very strong after he has been to LITTLE WONDER the activity part is simply superb bcoz that enhances children immune system and hunger in the children ,very appealing system
I am from Amrutsar now presently in Bangalore and now I am going to start this school in Amrutsar ,what a methodology they have , really this school is different
Little Wonder is really wonderful and great ,what a concept and beautifully designed curriculum for pre school , do you know children never feel stressed with this
I am from Jodhpur now house wife and I visited LITTLE WONDER web site and I spoke to company people I am simply excited with product and I love to start this school here
I am from Madurai and I have been idol without job I approached lites littl ewonder for executive job , while I was undergoing training I have realised this is truly best school in the country.
My son Sankalp enjoying his preschooling in his full spirit I am some time feel how lucky he is to study in such wonderful environment I really missed my life as kid
I am from Pune LITTLE WONDER provide health counselling from Children specialist and any emergency they have hospital attachment to near by hospital ,you can relax without wworries about your children
I am grateful to LITTLE WONDER they provide opportunity for educated house wives to participate in teaching and all they require is good knowledge of spoken English ,hope this is grate encouragement
My son SAMAYA has made really progress in his skills I am greatful to LITTLE WONDER they really counsell parents very well It helps us to take care of our children at home
I am teacher from Putparti but now I am planning to start franchise school at some place near by place I am confident this business model works well for investment and I am sure I will be immensely benefitted
LITTLE WONDER has amazing policy of assessing teachers and they have this policy which delivers quality in schools and confidence to parents
I find LITTLE WONDER do miraculous work on children ,I am surprised children cry to go back home , these schools are more home than home ,great concept
I am from Mumbai fortunately I am well known about LITES LITTLE WONDER that they provide franchise services but the product preschool is amazing and service and support is simply superb
I am from Allahabad looking out start business I was explained the risk free start of business by LITTLE WONDER now I am delighted to be part of LITE family
I am from Ahmedabad and was planning to start nursery school ,I went through many other brands but fortunately I came across LITTLE WONDER franchise ,I am now confident and determined to take up this venture
Amazing products by lites littlewonder especially the preschool franchise they are doing wonderful job by empowering women community and support provided is simply superb , hats off to LITTLE WONDER
I inquired why Little Wonder franchise school are popular , I found two qualities 1) very friendly 2) appreciappreciating quality among staff this makes school an amazing venture
My father is 72 yr old suffering from High BP , I recommended him to spend some time in LITTLE WONDER SCHOOL now I am notnoticing he is very cool and relaxed he says school is marvellous
I am working as admin in LITTLE WONDER for last two years and I was asked to comment some unusual about LITES LITTL EWONDER but Seriously I am word less bcoz every thing I have experienced is only good , only goodness every where
I am so much confident about my LITTLE WONDER close your eye they are with you round the clock to guide and nurture our children ,then why worry
I am from BIJAPUR and I got opportunity to visit LITTLE WONDER school and I felt really elated to see children dancing and rejoicing since I am soft engineer I am seriously thinking to restart my kindergarten education
Great school they have very scientific approach to children and they make periodic assement for staff and check regular update of staff and their knowledge of preschool
My daughter Srinidhi had difficulty in speaking few words but fortunately staff IN LITTLE WONDER identified toungue tie and referred her to paediatric surgeon for correction now she is very articulate
I am working in small firm in Bangalore one of my freind referred me LLITTLE WONDER franchise model I am really happy and relaxed any moment I will decide to start my school
I am from Bhuj from GUJARAT I am happy to see such good businesses opportunity to have happy life and constant source of Income to the family
I am 60 yrs want busy schedule and I am eager to start LITTLE WONDER franchisee I heard very profitable and compassionate ,and even investment suits my conditions ,I am very surprised about the support system till franchisees profited great concept
I am radiologist from Mysore I am really proud to here this amazing preschool I am really thinking to start LITTLE WONDER franchise school in Mysore they give beautiful support
I am from Andhra Pradesh ,after seeing business model and returns on investment I am simply astonished and I will potential franchisee to LITTLE WONDER
LITTLE WONDER is doing wonderful job ofconselling parents ,they said child is in school for 5hrs rest of 19hrs they stay at home ,so they believe in combined efforts of teacher and parent ,oops they opened my eyes
I am seeing miracles happen in LITTLE WONDERschool ,I see profound changes in very short time in children ,I see always children appreciated and that boost energy in children ,great method
I heard LITTLE WONDER has made preschooling simple and profitable I am going to be franchisee in Kholapur and ROI (returns on investment) is promising and encouraging
I am from Nasik I was surprised to learn LITTLE WONDER provide air conditioners for school ,I believe no preschool provide such fefacilities ,they are definitely Number 1 school
My son is showing interest to learn swimming bcoz of LITTLE WONDER and they provide beautiful swimming pool and children enjoy water play
Dear freinds I am excited about play part of LITTLE WONDER they even provide battery operated car bikes to children as if they experience driving at an young age
Great school , good infrastructure and good staff , what else you want and my child is jumping to go to school
My dream has come true I always wanted my daughter to study in international preschool and Little Wonder has made me realize my dream ,Thanks a lot
Parents meetings are beautifully organized and they make sure everyone is 100 percent addressed
One good thing about LITES LITTLE WONDER teacher is not at all allowed to scare children ,only method is LOVE to transform children and I love it
I am very happy about syllabus and curriculum ,My son has become confident about further schooling ,LITTLE WONDER really drives confidence
I am thinking why not I make my wife busy with Little Wonder by becoming franchisee ,I am thinking she gets busy as well make money for her self ,later she need not depend on me
Only franchisor in India where complete school is made for you and ready for functioning
Me and my wife are ever grateful bcoz my son health improved after he joined LITTLE WONDER the method they adopt in handling a child is really good ,make use of their services
I am from Chandigarh and I am graduate I excited about lites littlewonder franchise offer and have you are the best infrastructure provider in preschool sector and great amenities LITTLE WONDER
I am from Delhi,I have heard lot about lites littlewonder the team excellent having few medical doctors part takers amazing franchise model and I LOVE LITTLE WONDER
I am surprised in 3yrs time LITTLE WONDERSCHOOL have been designed and developed so well , Now I am requesting them to provide me franchisee I pray to God to accept my offer
Great school bcoz they observe children so carefully I am surprised simply our children are put on right track
Now I am enthusiastic to star LITTLE WONDER SCHOOL bcoz I am qualified and doing nothing and after seeing the support and help ,my husband is ready to invest
I am 61yr old and my daughter is software engineer and she is bugged up with job ,I have start Little Wonder franchise school which will earn amazing profit and iinvaluable peace
Only school where 100 percent play way method adopted ,the syllabus n curriculum are very simple and children friendly
My son cries to come back home , LITTLE WONDER Is a school better than home ,I have seen all the children simply happy and they never descrimI-mate everyone is equal ,Staff is highly commented.
Great school I am very choosy for my daughter Keerti to make her join preschool ,surprisingly I got my dream school Little Wonder my daughter is simply enjoying her life .I am ever thankful to LITTLE WONDER
I am retired government teacher I was feeling bored at home I approached near by LITTLE WONDER to work honorary they agreed and they are so honest and take my guidance sincerely ,they show great respect for elders and I love LITTLE WONDER
This is one school where your children are critically observed and reported to parents for further attending , they make broad observations from health to parenting and advice parents to meet experts "What A care!!" great LITTLE WONDER
I am really excited about little wonder as a parent I am delighted they take our opinion and value ,some time they even reward us , I always try to give my inputs and get unlimited appreciation
I am really surprised Little Wonder does everything with the foundation of science and religion great approach I wish to contribute to LITTLE WONDER
I am really happy my son SURESH gained weight after he joined LITTLE WONDER the activities are so nice children become hungry and eat more
Dear freinds Visit Little Wonder you feel so young ,seeing children bubbling with energy and I experienced this when I visited my friend SMITA school ,visiting school is like going to Piknik AMAZING LITTLE WONDER
I miss little wonder ,I was working as staff and helping them in research ,but for some reason I left Little Wonder now I am again back because I could never stay away ,now again HAPPY I am greatful Little Wonder management tfor being kind with me.
I was worried when my grand son was reluctant to go to school and all the time crying,I went to LITTLE WONDER for seeking advice they assured me to bring hm here once ,my grand son who is 4yr was delighted seeing the school he started playing and the staf
I am franchise of LITTLE WONDER and initially I was reluctant and now after starting school now I am delighted with appreciation I am getting from parents and society I always tell women community to be financially INDEPENDENT this is one business where y
My daughter Lakshmi who is 3 yrs old was not speaking but when I made my daughter join little wonder to our surprise she picked up speech in just 3 months and I am delighted slittle seeing my little heart speaking ,am ever greatful to LITTLE WONDER
My son was disturbed and my disharmony with my hubby was the cause and we realised to be happy ever to keep our son happy ,Little Wonder arranged for counsellor and our life changed and we are the happiest family
My child was suffering from ADHD and he was identified with this problem by teacher from LITTLE WONDER and he was treated by psychiatrist now he is Amazing I am really great full to LITTLE WONDER
My daughter Manjula is studying at LittleWonder and I am glad that my daughtern me are really lucky
We are parents of Sankalp who is studying at Little wonder since two years. Little wonder takes care of hygiene, cleanliness and appreciates each and every child. We are very happy with the syllabus.
My son has improved a lot after joining in Little wonder. The setup of the school is wonderful. I am happy to join my son in such a wonderful school.